Why I Love My Dirt Stained Garden Notebook

“A gardener’s best tool is the knowledge from previous seasons. And it can be recorded in a $2 notebook.” –Charles Lamb

Every gardener should have records on their garden. It shows that you care about what you planted. Some purchase day planners to keep track of the garden. You can even print off pages from websites to make your own. The ultimate goal for a garden notebook is the same – a reference or guide-book to aid in the success of your garden to harvest time and into the next season.

My notebook is old. It has seen my gardening adventures grow over the years. It has dirt on its cover and several of its pages. It goes out into the garden with me numerous times a growing season. It is where I can record what is going right and what I need to change for the next year. It is where I have the plants listed that are in my garden. My specific notebook has pocket sleeves dividing it into sections. In those pockets is where I keep my gardening receipts, a diagram of the garden, a detailed list of the current plants, crop rotation guide, and companion plants guide. In the sections of the notebooks is where I have records of the pH values of the soil, what treatments have been made to the soil, when I have started seeds, the date time progression of the seedlings to transplanting into the garden, and of course the progress (success or fail) of the garden plants.

Therefore, my notebook serves me well. I can look in it and plan my next year’s garden based upon this year’s results. For example, I tried growing cucumbers for several years with little success, so then I stopped trying. This year I had about a dozen squash and zucchini plants. I only got 1 of each as the vegetables. The plants were healthy, plenty of male flowers but very few veggies produced. I am not going to try to grow them next year. This was the third year growing them and the production decreased each year.

A book of knowledge, a guide-book, and a reference book. Isn’t it nice to have these! God gave us one for our lives as well – it is called the Bible. You can read how past events changed the future results. Concordances and devotionals lend a hand in companion planting and making sure the soil is properly fed. You just have to ask for guidance and be willing to tend to the heart as well.


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