Do You Have Perseverance for Your Garden to Harvest?

“Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that gets us back into the slow circles of nature is help. Gardening is an instrument of grace.” –May Sarton

Gardening isn’t a fast process, especially vegetable gardening. It takes a lot of perseverance or patience to tend to a garden. A lot of awareness to the plants’ well being, especially when obstacles or discouragement try to set in.

If you are starting from seeds, you have certain steps to go through along a time line to ensure your seeds become strong seedlings worthy of transplanting. You have to be aware of the weather and wait til the conditions of the soil are just rights to put plants into it. If you rush to put them in the ground (whether from seedlings or plants purchased), you may risk losing them or damaging them cause of the coolness of the soil.

Did you know there are approximate harvest dates to vegetables? I use to think those dates were from when the seed sprouted to harvest. Boy was I wrong. Those approximate dates refer to the time period after the plants are in their forever homes, whether that is in the ground or in containers. So you must have more patience and diligence with the weather and soil conditions to provide what is needed for the plants to grow. Sometimes you even have to lend a hand with watering and fertilizing. Even more perseverance when you see other people’s gardens already having ripe produce and your garden is just beginning to set flowers and fruits out.

Every patch of dirt is different, so every garden grows at its own pace. Every person is different and methods of success is different. Have patience and faith in the processes. God has patience with us. He has perseverance to see you and your garden to harvest. God will show you grace with his gifts. Rest up for your harvest. If God’s involved, it will be sufficient.


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