Mistakes are to be Learning Adventures- Not Disappointments

“Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy.” — Psalm 126:5

I remember being told once that I wasn’t learning if I didn’t make mistakes. Well, my learning adventures with gardening have been abundant. I have learned, that for me, container gardening is great for herbs but not so much for tomatoes, cucumbers, or peppers (if I wanted a large harvest). I have learned I need to start with quality seeds. I tried buying plants for a few years. The harvest wasn’t as abundant as I had hoped. So I decided to try growing plants from seeds. Mistakes I made were to watering too much, not having the soil warm enough, not having quality seed starting soil, and not enough light. However, after more research and trial & error, I have been able to grow plants from seeds. In fact, this year I was impatient for the seeds to germinate, so I planted more. To my surprise I ended up with more plants that I had space in my garden!

Mistakes can also add to later frustration. Like when I didn’t test the pH values of the soil and had to use more fertilizer to get good growth. The wrong balance in fertilizer can also give your plants more leaf growth instead of fruit development. Too much nitrogen can do this. So when I planted my tomatoes, the next year after pole beans (which give nitrogen back to the soil), I had more leaves than tomatoes.

If you view mistakes in life (as well as gardening) as learning adventures, you will grow as a person. Sometimes you may need to make notes to not repeat the mistakes – that’s okay. God tells us life isn’t perfect, no person on earth is. You will encounter trials. You will make mistakes. Just remember that God is always with you no matter what. He will provide you a harvest in some fashion, regardless of your mistakes. You and you efforts are never a disappointment in his eyes. Keep trying.


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