Expert on Living and Gardening Not Found

“God almighty first planted a garden. And indeed, it is the purest of human pleasures.” -Francis Bacon

Am I am expert on life or gardening? Not at all. I am just an ordinary woman trying to have extraordinary adventures as God guides me through his pathway for my life. As I contemplated starting this blog for weeks, questions of doubt kept popping up. I don’t have a background in writing, philosophy, or religion. I don’t have any formal training in gardening. So why is this idea always on my mind.

Passion. Pure and simple. Why not share my experiences on how much being ‘in touch’ with dirt has changed and enhanced my well being. I love recording the progress of what I am growing in my green garden notebook. I enjoy taking pictures of how things change over time for the better or worse. Which plants did well enough to duplicate next year? What new process can I try out next season or next year to enhance the results.

God didn’t give me simple living. I have challenges every day. But that doesn’t stop me from exploring the beautiful nature God provided for us. As my husband has noticed and said over the years, “When you are not feeling well, put your hands in dirt, and you will soon be feeling better.”




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